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The #1 Premium Dealcoholized NZ Rosé


This New Zealand Rosé boasts distinctive aromas of stone fruit and fresh strawberries. A refreshingly dry, textured non-alcoholic wine with clean, crisp flavors.

0% Alcohol. 100% Flavor.


Now you can experience a delicious premium Rosé, with the alcohol gently removed to preserve the signature lively, refreshing flavors of a great New Zealand wine.

*US Best-Seller based on Nielsen Sales Data 7/16/22

0% Giesen Estate Rosé
0% Giesen Estate Rosé
Alcohol-free rosé wine

How Does It Taste?

This dealcoholized New Zealand Rosé boasts delicious stone fruit aromas of white peach, apple, and fresh strawberries. Those apple and stone fruit notes linger on the palate alongside crisp cranberry flavors and a lively, refreshingly dry texture.

A light and fresh addition to any dinner table or social gathering!

Award-Winning Non-Alcoholic Wine

Our Giesen 0% Dealcoholized Rosé has been recognised around the world, picking up accolades at the Global Low & No Alcohol Wine Masters in the UK, the Royal Hobart Wine Show in Australia, and the prestigious International Wine & Spirit Competition. We're very proud of our winemaking team for their work!

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Try it for yourself to see what all the fuss is about! 


SRP $17 per bottle  

Limited Quantities Available

Delivery in USA only.

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What is Giesen 0%?

Sounds like: geese-in 

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Giesen 0% is a best-selling range of alcohol-free wines including a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Rosé, Riesling, Sparkling Brut and a Premium Red. Read more about Giesen Wines below.

All of these wines contain no more than 0.5% alcohol by volume – about the same levels that naturally occur in fruit juice.

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0% Guilt

Giesen 0% Rosé Roundel US Pink.Black WEB.png
  • Just 19 calories per 5 oz serve

  • 80% fewer calories than a traditional 12.5% alc/vol wine

  • 48% fewer grams of sugar than it’s closest non-alcoholic wine alternative

Sell-Out Launches Around The World

 Our 0% products start life as wine, going through the full winemaking process before we remove the alcohol. This extra care is what makes it so good! Discover ways to make alcohol-free wine here.


New Zealand wines are famous for quality, so we crafted a top tier option for wine-lovers wanting to moderate their alcohol intake - without sacrificing taste.


Step One

We make a delicious, full-strength New Zealand Rosé with the distinctive flavors and aromas loved world-wide.

Step Two

We use innovative spinning cone technology to gently distill the wine into layers:



Step Three

We carefully collect that delicate Rosé aroma and add it back into the body of the wine (minus the alcohol!)

Step Four

We add just a touch of premium grape juice to round out the final blend. There you have it! Delish.

Dealcoholized Rosé wine

Enjoy Any Time

Because it's low calorie and dealcoholized, you can enjoy a glass of wine any time you’d like to enjoy a premium Rosé... without the downsides. Before you sober drive, when you’ve got training first thing the next morning, or you need to stay sharp to look after the kids - make it your new wine alternative.

Perfect for enjoying at home, out with friends and family, or any time you’d prefer a glass of wine without the after-effects.

100% Flavor.

Don't just take our word for it! Feedback for Giesen 0% - Rosé has been coming in across various retailers!

Hazel W.

"It's a delicate yet very drinkable rose and I can imagine it will go well with summer lunches as well as winter dinners."

Verified Reviewer


"Very drinkable Rose with a dry but balanced taste and a good mouth feel. Great low calorie option and very refreshing with crushed ice."

Verified Reviewer


Verified Reviewer

"I love this non alcoholic wine! It was great to drink for dry July,  but I will continue to drink it going forward too 😊"

Quentin W.

Verified Reviewer

"I would definitely buy this wine again."

Leigh R.

Verified Reviewer

"I’ve come to get used to AF wine not tasting like wine. Sort of resigned myself to it. As a rosè lover I’ve found most of them to be too sweet, but drink them nonetheless in my quest to cut down on alcohol. Bought this in store the other day, and just opened it. Nice and cold .. and crisp!! Whaaaaat?! I was genuinely suprised - this would easily substitute for a regular rosè at a long lazy summer lunch."

Make It A Mocktail

Friends toasting over a glass of wine

About Giesen Wines

On the edge of the earth is a nation of unprecedented natural beauty that's first to see the sun: New Zealand.

Poised between mighty mountains and crashing seas, at the heart of a young glacial valley rests the Giesen family winery. It's the freshness and purity of this pristine place that helps the Giesen brothers create some of the world's best cool climate wines.

When work is done, the three Giesen brothers love sharing a meal with family and friends, enjoying a wine and celebrating another day. We invite you to do the same.

The Fine Print

Nutritional chart
  • 750ml - Product of New Zealand

  • Contains Sulfites

  • Serve chilled and refrigerate after opening to maintain product quality

  • Contains no more than 0.5% Alc/Vol

  • 80% less calories than a 12.5% Alc/Vol wine

Glass of wine
Logo reading "Low calories: only 19 calories per 5 ounce serve"

*Our alcohol-removed wines contain no more than 0.5% alcohol/volume. This is the level provided by law for non-alcoholic beverages - about the same as the levels that naturally occur in fruit juice!

If you're unsure whether alcohol-removed wines are right for you, we recommend chatting to your healthcare professional for personalized advice. Because this is a wine-based product, please note this may not be served to those under the age of 21.

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