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Award-Winning Dealcoholized Wines.

The alcohol-free market is growing fast, and we want you to share in our success!


*Sales Data based on Nielsen 6/30/22

We’re poised and ready to help you serve a top-performing dealcoholized wine to your customers.

Our customers range in size from independent liquor retailers, hotels, and restaurants, right through to nationwide supermarkets. So no matter whether you operate in one location or a hundred, we’re here to offer you a solution for that non-alcoholic space in your portfolio with the best-selling premium non-alcoholic wine from New Zealand.

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Why partner with Giesen?

  • Reason #1 - Taste! Yes, these are actually dealcoholized wines that taste good.

  • We’re at the forefront of the 0% market's rapid growth

    • Dedicated 0% innovation team

    • Multiple international awards in the zero alc category

    • Goal to be the #1 selling 0% wine in the world - so you know we deliver quality.

  • Established international family-owned business, at the top of the New Zealand wine industry for 40+ years

  • Sales & marketing support from both NZ and our US-based Pacific Highway teams

  • Full portfolio of wines and brands to suit your business

*Our alcohol-removed wines contain no more than 0.5% alcohol/volume. This is the level provided by law for non-alcoholic wine.

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Discuss what samples you'll need

Match you with a distributor

There’s no minimum or maximum order quantity - just custom solutions tailored to suit your business. Easy!

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The Pacific Highway Team

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