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New Wine!

Alcohol-Free  Pinot Grigio


New Zealand Pinot Grigio is a pleasure to drink with fresh aromatics and crisp, clean flavors. ​ 

So what if we told you we’ve made yet another premium New Zealand wine... but without the alcohol?

We're proud to bring you another premium quality wine in our fast-growing alcohol-removed wine range - a crisp, refreshing New Zealand Pinot Grigio with the alcohol gently removed.


Be Quick, Limited Stock Available.

0% Alcohol. 100% Flavor.


0% Giesen Pinot Grigio US 1MB.png

Don't miss your chance to try our alcohol-free Pinot Grigio - delivered to your door!

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0% PG

How does it taste?

This alcohol-removed Pinot Grigio features delicate floral notes with white flowers, lychee, and red apple on the nose. The palate offers traditional Pinot Grigio characters of apple and pear with just a touch of muscat grape. Light, delicious, and balanced between acidity and sweetness. 

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100% flavour.

Don't just take our word for it! Here's some of the lovely feedback we've received for Giesen 0% - Pinot Gris since our launch. 

Howard S.

"Tried this at home with our fav Thai takeaway and it was excellent! Well done in producing 0% alcohol wines that taste so good."

Mandy S.

"This completely exceeded my expectations. We've had it for pre-dinner drinks, and it was perfect. Not too sweet as so many zero wines are. Thanks for the attention you are giving to these alcohol free options. Definitely the best I have tasted."

Anita H.

"Very nice. Just like the real stuff! Hard to beat. Will be ordering again and have already shared the product with family who will also order!"

H. Cotter

"Love, love, love this new 0% Pinot Gris. Crisp and fresh....this wine is beautiful. Thank you for making top quality 0% wine. The market is desperate for this!! You have really helped moderate my alcohol consumption. Thank you."

Dianne M.

"I’ve tried many 0% wines over the years in an attempt to find one I would actually like to drink. Up until now that has been a futile effort. I really enjoyed this wine. It tasted like an adult drink and I actually found myself looking forward to the next glass."

Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 9.39.07 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 9.39.07 AM.png

But is it wine?!

We want our non-alcoholic options to give you everything you’d expect from a premium New Zealand wine. So we go through the entire winemaking process, before we gently remove the alcohol. Here's how we do it...

Using innovative spinning cone technology popular in perfume-making, we separate the fragrance and alcohol from the body of the wine. We leave the alcohol behind, carefully collect up that delicate aroma you know and love from New Zealand Pinot Grigio, and add it back into the body of the wine. Just a touch of premium grape juice is the final ingredient - to lend a little extra body and just a touch of sweetness to the resulting blend.

This advanced form of distillation allows us to handle the wine gently, maintaining the integrity of our distinctive flavour palate and texture throughout the process.


The guidelines for what counts as "wine" relate to how the product is made, rather than whether there is any alcohol content! So because we ferment our grapes first, yes - Giesen 0% is still classed as a wine. That's how we get such a varietally expressive end product!


Step One

We make a delicious, full-strength New Zealand Pinot Grigio with the classic flavours we know and love.

Step Two

We use innovative spinning cone technology to gently distill the wine into layers:



Step Three

We carefully collect that delicate Pinot Grigio aroma and add it back into the body of the wine (sans alcohol!)

Step Four

We add just a touch of premium grape juice to round out the final blend. There you have it! Delish.


100% guilt-free.

At just 27 calories per 5oz serve, a glass of Giesen 0% - New Zealand Pinot Grigio has 70% less calories than a traditional 12.5% alc/vol Pinot Grigio and over 50% less sugar than many fruit juices. How’s that for a bonus?!

Because it's low calorie, you can enjoy any time you’d like the feeling of a glass of premium New Zealand Pinot Grigio... without the downsides. Before you sober drive, when you’ve got training first thing the next morning, or you need to stay sharp to look after the kids - make it your new wine alternative.

Giesen 0% Pinot Grigio Roundel US White.png

Winemakers Notes

Suitable for low-calorie diets​

Not more than 0.5% alc/vol


100% shareable.

One of the reasons we started making Giesen 0% is so there's truly a Giesen Wine for everybody - even if you're not drinking alcohol. So when we say this is a wine you can enjoy any time, we mean it!

Enjoy over a platter with friends, a home-cooked meal with family, or even at your local bar on date night (if they're clever enough to stock it!)

Sometimes our winemakers even spice things up by serving a glass poured over ice with fresh mint or a slice of lime. Dress your glass up or down to suit the occasion. 

Serve this no-alcohol option at your next event to enjoy a glass of wine without the after-effects.

100% refreshing.

Giesen 0% - New Zealand Pinot Grigio is an alcohol-removed wine that everyone can enjoy, no matter the occasion. It’s aromatically expressive, crisp, and refreshing, with the varietal characteristics you know and love… only with the alcohol gently removed. 


We select fruit from vineyards in Marlborough, Waipara and Hawke’s Bay to ensure beautiful, structural Pinot Grigio with delicate floral aromatics and stonefruit flavours. 


You’ll find it light, fresh, and invigorating - perfect for enjoying at home, out with friends and family, or any time you’d prefer a glass of wine without the after-effects.

Winemaker: Duncan Shouler



100% details.

  • 750ml Bottles

  • Product of New Zealand

  • Contains sulphites

  • Produced with milk product, traces may remain

  • Serve chilled and refrigerate after opening to maintain product quality

  • Contains not more than 0.5% alc/vol

  • 70% less calories than a 12.5% alc/vol wine

Giesen 0% Pinot Grigio Roundel US Black.Gold.png

*Please note that our alcohol-removed wines contain not more than 0.5% alcohol. This is the level provided by New Zealand law for non-alcoholic beverages - about the same as the levels that naturally occur in fruit juice!

If you're unsure whether alcohol-removed wines are right for you, we recommend chatting to your healthcare professional for personalised advice. Because this is wine-based product, please note this may not be served to those under the age of 18.


0%  alcohol.
100% flavour.


Enjoy the latest addition to our alcohol-free wines:
0% alcohol Pinot Grigio

It's refreshing and crisp, delivering the delicate flavours of New Zealand Pinot Gris without the kick! 

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About Giesen Wines

On the edge of the earth is a nation of unprecedented natural beauty that's first to see the sun: New Zealand.

Poised between mighty mountains and crashing seas, at the heart of a young glacial valley rests the Giesen family winery. It's the freshness and purity of this pristine place that helps the Giesen brothers create some of the world's best cool climate wines.

When work is done, the three Giesen brothers love sharing a meal with family and friends, enjoying a wine and celebrating another day. We invite you to do the same.

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